Green Kids Room for a boy

kids room with a Shapes such as squares and rectangles, with warm and brightly colors such as green and blue are the both important elements of the room design that suggests the beauty, harmony and arrangement. the Room was designed according to the child’s favorite colors and shapes In order to preserve his room and develop his personality .

Orange Curtains and the small orange carpet gives the colors reflection for this room .

Carpeted floor is safe for children that protect from slipping. Use erasable paints and easy for clean such as magnetic paints is better than using wallpapers , these gentle and magnetic paints Were purchased From paints store. the wall decorations were Bought from the kids store. The black Board located in the room to allow child drawing on , instead of his drawing on the walls. Toys Hanging Storage used to maintain toys and choosing what the he want . table and chairs to Provide a different feeling that the Room not only for playing But also for studies .

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