Black and white living room

Black and white design reflects luxurious and rich modern .

White sofa made of ​​white genuine leather , the  classic cushions design with black , white and dark gray colors still emphasizes even more the prestige of the living room , in front of the sofa located a huge luxury black TV screen sitting on a white tv cabinet with black large drawers, behind the tv screen there white wall with the square piece of the wall with uniquely gray rustic and stunning textured designed .

The room ceiling decorated with delicate modern design , plasterboard work with a combination of wood . a special classic white bulb is placed in the middle of the ceiling.

 A white and black leather carpet with a stunning shape gives a feeling of modern and nature . the table seems its simple but its made from white wood with the silver legs and frame .

Parquet floor with dark furniture and  bright white ceiling is the aesthetic and the practical accessories .


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