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African Safari Lodge bed room

luxury bedroom in the safari lodge in kenya. luxury Classic style bed room with comfortable room red, brown, and orange colors. both decorative wall lams which laid above the two bed sides inlaid with garnets Pottery stones. white and brown windows curtains


different bedroom design

A different design for a special bedroom which Combine between the two important uses the first is the bedroom and the other is the bath with Jacuzzi, where there is a small wall separating the bed and a Jacuzzi, which increases the uses of the bedrooms and giving it a different stamp. This room enjoys a lot of elegance and luxurious It is characterized by Accurately design And showing the designer skills. It is Features […]


Modern BedRoom

Dark gray, red , white and brown color are the elements and techniques that gives the feeling of space . bedroom with contemporary furniture set, wood bed , bed cabinets and small square pictures. the dark gray bed is decorated with three special rectangular pillows