African Safari Lodge living room Interior

An African Safari Lodge living room Interior , located in the african safari – Mountain Lodge Kenya .  

The entry is one of the formal spaces in the lodge living room with the great brown carpet , traditional brass pots antiques accessories and a decorated crystal potted with white and green lilies.

the room wall-painted reflects natural and warmth . nature drawings and Wooden fixtures with the forms of animals heads hanged on the wall are representing the African tradition and have a great historical background behind them.

The large and antique fireplace reflects Luxurious decor for this living room. The zen leather white sofas with the brown pillows and others covered in a bold blue and brown striped , Coffee brown antique tables with a rattan huge basket beneath, the brown suede sofa with the same two brown cushions and the others with green and custom-made shapes of leaves , some other decorations like the suede lampshade Mustard-colored, the two rattan tables. the Tender and Cool colors in this room can provide an Imagination of a wild nature challenging. 

Natural wild design Of  animals and plants Decoration is the Uniqueness Of African luxurious rooms and houses. 








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