African Safari Lodge bed room

luxury bedroom in the safari lodge in kenya

luxury Classic style bed room with comfortable room red, brown, and orange colors. both decorative wall lams which laid above the two bed sides inlaid with garnets Pottery stones. white and brown windows curtains and bedroom furniture with coffee brown colors . the room decor is based on the conservative bourgeois rooms with the bed wooden frame and its white Pongee curtains , using traditional materials of colors that revive the space, such as garnets ,orange , cream , red and brown.  

wood flooring with neutral color walls decorative bed lighting and wooden bedroom furniture this style is a mix of modern and hand made . the two identical decorated wooden chairs and an Antique Wooden Chest for keeping clothes and some small objects , makes the room more attractive and tempting to stay. 

wooden decorated, the huge door and furniture with motifs and inscriptions all of that Proving the fact that africa is famous for its unspoiled or wild and original ambience . 



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